Hey, Mike.

So, there are a few things you might want to think about here. First of all, nothing is preventing you from enjoying the Star Wars EU (which they now call “Legends Continuity.”) But I think you should take a sec and really look at your language here.

“Real star wars freaks were not just limited to the film but enjoyed and incorporated the gargantuan tentacled monstrosity that WAS the greater Star Wars universe .”

So, people who mainly enjoy the movies and don’t care to delve into the novels or comics don’t count as real Star Wars fans? This is an attitude that shows up a lot: the idea that you can sort people into two categories, “hard-core fans” and people who only have a passing interest in the show/book/movie. Of course, only the hard-core fans count, and therefore their opinions on the work are the only ones that matter. Content creators should please the hard-core fans and disregard those who only have a passing interest.

A funny thing happens, though, when these kinds of attitudes take root. Somehow, the hard-core fans end up being nerdy white guys. Women and people of colour get lumped in with the “casuals” no matter how much knowledge of the subject matter they might have. And since the casuals don’t matter, the opinions of women and people of colour don’t matter.

“[The Star Wars Expanded Universe], tragically, was all thrown under the bus: a history that extended 10,000 years bby (before the battle of yavin) to centuries beyond that, which were inhabited by super sexy sith twilek babes and -my fav.- a luke skywalker progeny that was a space pirate!!!”

You mean Darth Talon? I’ve read the Legacy comics too.

Tell me, Mike, who do you think the writers and artists had in mind when they drew this character? I’m not saying women won’t enjoy a sexy Sith Twi’Lek — there’s plenty of lesbians in the Star Wars fan community; I happen to know a few — but do you think the creators were thinking about women when they designed this character? That’s the real problem. Not that visual media often give us characters with sex appeal, but the fact that women, queer folk, people of colour and really anyone who isn’t a straight white guy are all afterthoughts.

And though you may not intend it this way, your objection is coming off as, “I wish Star Wars could go back to the way it was…when it catered specifically to people like me.” I mean, you specifically said that one of the things you miss about the Star Wars EU is the sexy Sith Twi’Lek who was very obviously designed to appeal to straight guys. If she appeals to lesbians/bi-women, that’s really just an afterthought.

Wouldn’t you prefer to live in a world where your sisters and female friends can get as excited about Star Wars as you do? For that to happen, we need characters like Admiral Holdo to be just as important as characters like Darth Talon.

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